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For All My Friends

“The latest record mirrors that enthusiastic approach in music-making with sharper focus and a keen sense of self-awareness and sheer optimism. This also spills over their strong sense of imagery in lieu of lyrical composition.” - PURVEYR

“tide/edit’s knack lies in crafting albums that have plentiful melodic thinking and rhythmic variations; and yet ooze an effortless flow and freshness at the same time that they can even be played as background music.” - Arctic Drones

“With not much fanfare, they’ve garnered a new audience longing for something immediate and pulsing….“All My Friends” is indicative of their growth as musicians who are okay with where they are now: adults who have finally come to terms with their life, hopeful of what the future may bring.” - Philippine Star Supreme

For Lightfoot

“Lightfoot captures tide/edit at the height of its cooperative power accenting a sound that would otherwise have been ephemeral.” - ABS-CBN News

For Foreign Languages

“...a beautiful piece of work, full of melody and energy. Clean syncopated guitar riffs duel with a solid and unfussy rhythm section that gives even on repeat listens.” - Fecking Bahamas


“...catapults you into the alternate side of consciousness… maintain[ing] the element of passion where their genre roots from, but kept it short, allowing you to catch your breath and bask in the afterglow of each track.” - Vandals on the Wall


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